About Us

Our Mission

At The Cedar House, we care for Minds, Bodies, and Souls encouraging those in our care to embrace a holistic healthy lifestyle free from addiction enabling them to live their best life.

Take the time to find and explore your personal niche. Build on an existing passion or begin a new aspiration.

Take control of your Journey! Implement everyday practices and construct a support system that will become anchors for your recovery process.

All locations are equipped to help you focus on sobriety while maintaining contact with important appointments, commitments, and family.

Tour the city of Pittsburgh by land, water or air, scheduled for you by our concierge, with a segway, serene kayaking, exhilarating helicopter ride and more!

Real Life, Real Change, Real Recovery

The Cedar House Recovery understands that sustainable sobriety requires ongoing commitment. Regardless of your circumstances, our holistic programming, a community of recovery professionals, and curriculum alums are here for you at any point of your journey. We provide safe and sober environments for residents to adjust to independent living outside a structured facility. We’ll tailor our outpatient services to your unique, ongoing, and ever-changing needs. Together, we will guide your journey every step of the way.

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh, PA with access to cultural, academic, medical, and healthy lifestyle opportunities, we serve executives and mature adults seeking recovery support who desire a sober living lifestyle. Call today to discuss the best combination of our services for your sustained sobriety.

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