Northside Care Services

The Cedar House is a Sober Living Home in Pittsburgh’s historic Northside for executives and professionals who were recently in inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation.

Programming includes:

  • Experienced staff 24/7 in a safe secure home
  • 12 step and alternative recovery plan support
  • Communication skills and self-awareness development
  • Exploring interests outside of work and family
  • Structured support to prevent relapse
  • Independence with accountability
  • Sobriety monitoring systems
  • Extended stay options available
  • Living in fellowship with standards of excellence


Make the changes that you need.

When you are ready, utilize the tools you have gained from Executive Sober Living and take the steps necessary to begin living. Take a deep breath in. Now release… Feel that?

  • A Safe Space
  • Freedom to Explore
  • On-Call Counselor
  • Sobriety Monitoring
  • Self Awareness Skills
  • Relationship Building Skills
  • Exertion Therapy
  • Peer Encouragement

For more information, please contact our Community Liaison at (724) 980-8959.

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